Dear Darling Friend,

A hilarious take on the way we use our time and money,

Healthy Groceries – Rs. 5,000 – Too Expensive.
Cakes and munchies for a party – Rs 5,000 – Reasonable.

Personal Growth Seminar- Rs 40,000 – Are you crazy?
Friend’s wedding my clothes- Rs 40,000 – Itna too banta hai!

Savings- 25k / month – There is no surplus at all. Credit card is maxed out.
Shopping for clothes, accessories, shoes – 25k / month – Those are necessities!

Start a business – 500k – Too Risky.
7 day trip to a foreign getaway – 500k – That’s low budget.

iPhone 12 (its coming) – 150k – Must have.
Top class gym with top class personal trainer – 150k .. Baap re!.

60 mins a day for up skilling – I wish I had the time.
60 mins on Social Media – Time flies, let’s stalk.

Is money or time an issue at all?

The way we use our money and time today determines our tomorrow!
Be wise and not otherwise.

Your thoughts?

P.S. This post is inspired by a post by Shreyas Bangad on LinkedIn.

With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,


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