Dear Darling Friend,

‘Tell me’ is the most powerful way to open a conversation.

Professional negotiators use those words to build trust– the foundation of any successful negotiation.

‘Tell me’ is the key to learning the other person’s perspective. It’s the ultimate ice-breaker and rapport builder.

In a conversation, there are two possibilities.

1. People believe that you are making a genuine effort to understand them and their perspective.

2. Or, people believe you are just pushing your own agenda.

When they believe you are possibility number 1, they will be more open to listening and speaking openly.

When they believe, you are possibility number 2, they are on the defensive or offensive but never collaborative.

Use ‘tell me’ as part of the first question in any conversation.

A therapist says, ‘Tell me about yourself’ to gain a patient’s trust and define treatment goals.

A spouse in a successful marriage says ‘Tell me about your day’ to engage and share.

A parent says, ‘Tell me about your day at school’ for the kids to open up and share.

‘Tell me’ is fundamental to bonding. It’s a secret glue that many people don’t practice enough.

So my dear friend, ‘Tell me more about you’. I would love to know you better. If you hit the reply button, you will find me waiting on this side.

With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,


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  1. sanat chatterjee November 5, 2020 at 11:38 am

    You are inspiring.


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