Dear Darling Friend,

THREE simple yet POWERFUL ways to HEAL!.

‘Healing’ means to let go of the thoughts and feelings that don’t impact us positively.

The goal is to neutralize the story from the past so it loses its power over us. It becomes transparent, with meaning, but no negative effect.

Healing cannot happen by attempting to:

•Forget about the past (impossible)

•Stuffing or ignoring our feelings (creates other problems like addiction, aloofness, rebellion etc)

•Wait for an apology or acknowledgment (blinds us to happiness even during happy times)

•Wait for time to heal all wounds (and miss out on everything wonderful till then? Ughh)

•Wallow endlessly in our negative emotions (its depressing)

•Redo the past

Now, here are THREE simple yet powerful ways to HEAL:

1. Learn a powerful lesson from that setback. The lesson should be so powerful that the setback looks worth it.

2. Create a powerful goal that needs your 100% focus and energy. Now, you have no time to crib and complain about the past. You have so much to look forward to.

3. Surround yourself with kind yet firm people. Kindness OR firmness is not enough, alone. Together, they are an exceptional combination.

May you HEAL everything that hurts within you. If you want, I can offer myself as the third point to you.

With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life

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