I have always loved the idea of a Bucket List and I loved the movie ‘The Bucket List’

staring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.


I always had the urge to write my Bucket List but never got around to do so.


Today morning, as I sat to write the LSM, I wondered how about writing a Bucket List,

not for the rest of my life, but, exclusively for HIS YEAR?


I rubbed my hands in glee and started hammering the keys of my Mac.


This is the list that manifested.


Bucket List for 2024.


(Things that WILL happen this year)


1. Scaling TTA COE
2. Road trips for fun
3. Road trips for KMM
4. Jungle safari Holiday
5. Team of 5 people for KMM
6. Complete Financial Freedom
7. Four Half Marathons in 4 cities
8. Impacting one million through KMM
9. Body Weight of 88 with max 20% fat
10. A huge and powerful Life School Convention


Have you ever written a Bucket List for yourself. If you haven’t, this is the perfect time.


Take reading this LSM as a nudge from the universe for you to write your Bucket List for 2024


Would love to read if you wish to share. Awaiting eagerly.


May 2024 be the most remarkable year ever of your life.


Wishing you 1000s of perfect days in your life.


Your thoughts?

With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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