Walking down the street…
There was a stone.
I did not notice it.
I hit it and stumbled.
Ouch! It hurt!
I cribbed. I cursed. I complained.


Walking down the street…
There was a stone.
I DID notice it.
I believed it wouldn’t harm me.
I was casual and careless.
Ouch. It hurt me.
I feel betrayed.


Out of spite,
I hit the stone. Hard.
I was hurt again.
The stone wasn’t.


Walking down the street…
I see the stone.
I cross carefully.
I do not stumble.
I felt good.
I continue on my way.


Walking down the street.
I MISS encountering the stone.
I wondered what happened!
I saw a few souls ahead.
They were clearing stones off the walking path…
I realized I have a role to play.
A role to create a smoother way.
Not just for me. For others too.
I helped.
I felt better than I have ever felt.


Which one of these 5 stories happen frequently to you?


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