Let me show you some simple math.


I am feeling very thirsty. I buy bottled water for Rs 15/-. Who all benefited from the transaction?


a. The manufacturer – His cost was Rs 7/- He sold it to the retailer at Rs 9/-. He made a profit of Rs 2/-


b. The retailer – His cost was Rs 9/- He sold it for Rs 15/-. His profit is Rs 6/-


c. The buyer (me) – My cost is Rs 15/- After drinking that water, I feel fresh. I feel satisfied. I feel energetic. I feel rested. I feel ready for the next task where I will make profits in 1000s of Rupees.


Now, who benefitted the most in this transaction? The manufacturer? The retailer? Or, me the buyer?


The obvious but often hidden answer is – The buyer benefitted the MOST. In all genuine sale transactions, the buyer ALWAYS benefits more than the seller.


Whether it is buying a phone or an internet connection or a meal at a restaurant or a ride in Ola/Uber or buying apparel or shoes or a flight ticket…it is ALWAYS the buyer who benefits MORE.


When the seller understands this, they sell with pride for they know that the buyer is benefitting hugely from the deal. ‘Selling with pride’ helps them negate the pressure of converting a sale and shifts their focus to be relaxed as they sell.


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