We went to buy a microwave at Vijay Sales. The seller kept on insisting that we should buy the LG microwave even though my wifey Bharathi ( B ) said, ‘That is too big for us.’ His behavior spooked us and rushed away from the store.


We went to Priya Sales (P) and this is how the conversation happened.


B – We want to buy a Microwave oven.


P – Do you have one at home?


B – Yes, but that is 8 years old. (Me silently to myself – But it still works)


P – What is the problem you are facing?


B – The countdown timer is not working. (Me silently to myself- It can be repaired)


P – Any other issues?


B – The size is small.


P – Why do you want a bigger size?


B – My kids are learning to cook. They complain it is too small.


P – Any other reason for you to buy a bigger size?


B – It is too old (Me silently – uff)


P – Any other feature you want that is not there in your old microwave?


B – Do you have one in red? (Me silently – Baah)


P – Who cleans the microwave? The bai, you or the kids? (Damn – he did not even ask about me)


B – Mostly the bai. Sometimes me. The kids have gone on to their father. They do not clean. (Me – smiling but my heart says – Ouch)


P – Here is a good one from Bajaj Electricals. It is a tough machine. A little rough handling by the kids, a little rough cleaning by the bai, this machine can take it. It is big enough for you to put both hands inside. It is easier to bring things out especially for children. Fortunately, we have it in red. You are a lucky lady. (Me – Absolutely. She has me na).


B – Wow. Pack it.


Me – What about discounts?


P – (Gave me a big smile and said). Madam is so happy. This is such a perfect machine for you. (he did not even reply to my plea for a discount).


We bought the machine because my darling wifey B, found the salesman trustworthy as he genuinely attempted to understand her needs.


A buyer gets mighty irritated when a seller attempts to push their product without understanding the buyer’s needs. In the process, the seller looks selfish.


Now, who wants to buy a product from a selfish person. Too risky, isn’t it? The buyer wants to run away from such a seller.


When the seller is attempting to understand a buyer, trust develops. Then, sales are easier and more profitable.


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