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“In 1983, the BCCI lacked funds to sponsor the Indian team’s travel to England for the World Cup. Lata Mangeshkar organised a concert in Mumbai. The proceeds were handed over to the BCCI. For the year 2013-14, BCCI had a profit of about Rs 526 crores.”



Things change. Times change. Fortunes change. Life changes. There was a challenge. The challenge was overcome. Super !



No one is immune from challenges. From a common man who is unknown even to his neighbours, to the richest and the most powerful person in the world who is known all over the world, everyone goes through their share of challenges.



From Mother Teresa to Sonia Gandhi, from Shahrukh Khan (who was banned from Wankhade Stadium) to MS Dhoni (who resigned from Test Captaincy midway during the Australia series), from the still mamooli chai walas to the once upon a time chaiwala Narendra Modi, who does not have challenges in life?



As Captain Jack Sparrow would say in the movie ‘The Pirates of the Carribeans’ – ‘The problem is never the problem. The problem is the way you look at the problem’.



If you believe, your life is filled with challenges, here is a two part game plan.



1) Focus on the solution. The challenge is not an issue. The issue is SOLUTION. Unable to invent a pen that works in zero gravity in the space shuttle, soviet astronauts started using pencils!!! Sometimes, we make simple things complicated. It should be the other way around. Always think about ‘solutions’. Focus on ‘solutions’.



2) Secondly, and very very crucially, when you are in Tsunami of tearing confusion, whom do you turn to? Who is your ‘GO TO PERSON’? Who is your, without any iffs and buts, ‘I will do what they say’ person?



I know, I know, I know. There is no dearth of advisors. Some have good intentions, some have dubious ones! Some are mature, some pretend to be so. Some can see from your perspective, some insist their prespective is perfect. Some know how to analyse and make things simple, some prefer to make things emotional. I am reminded of Don Corleone (no relationship with Sunny Leone…ha ha) who said in the iconic movie ‘The Godfather’ – Never hate your enemies. It clouds your judgement. Ahaa! Some advisors will do their best to ‘cloud your judgements’.



Enough said, here is a life changing insight – People will help you the way they know to help you. Life changing insight indeed! I strongly suggest you read the insight again!



To help you to come out of a failure, one friend will suggest you to drown yourself in drinks, one will ask you to meditate, one will ask you to seek divine blessings, one will tell you it was past life karma, one will ask you to be patient, one will ask you to think bigger, one will ask you to take help from an astrologer and so on….



Your ‘GO TO PERSON’ during a crisis MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE !



Duryodhana was greedy. He knew what was right and what was wrong. He knew, going to Bheeshma or Vidur will never help for they will NOT endorse his views. He still needed a person who would endorse what he was thinking. This way, he would not feel guilty for his wrong doings. He needed a ‘GO TO PERSON’ desperately. He needed validation.



Seeking validation, his ‘GO TO PERSON’ became his mama, Shakuni. Result? Duryodhana graduated from bad to worse! His entire family was wiped out.



Arjuna was allowing his personal emotions to deviate him from his duty. This made him to think of renouncing the war and escape from the responsibilities he had towards upholding righteousness…



He too needed a ‘GO TO PERSON’ desperately. He was NOT searching for endorsement or validation, he was searching for guidance. His ‘GO TO PERSON’ was Krishna. Righteousness truimphed! Dharma was established.



At many points of our lives, we all need a ‘GO TO PERSON’. Who that person is, will make a huge difference to your life. They will ‘Make you or Break you’.



So? What are you searching for? Validation or guidance? That will lead you to your ‘GO TO PERSON’



Your ‘GO TO PERSON’ may be the most important decision of your life! Chose carefully!!!



With love, prayers and best wishes,




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