Dearest Darling Friends,



In the sweltering heat of summer, I was having a chat with two very cool and dear friends, Aasiya Tejani and Shumita Mahajan. Both sounded fed-up of religious bigots of this world. With excitement and frustration in equal measure, Aasiya said, “All religions in this world must be banned. They have done nothing but divide people.” Shumita vigourously nodded her head, completely agreeing with Aasiya.



Two questions popped in my mind.



1) What is true religion?



2) If religion divides people, what truly unites people?



I believe, “Religion doesn’t mean a blind belief in some teachings. Religion must be a set of practices that brings uquanimity, fosters communication, and ensures transformation.”



I could think of two other things that helps me in equanimity, communication and transformation. I also believe, these very two, fantastically unite people. They are – Happiness and Love.



“When we feed and support our own happiness, we are nourishing our ability to love. That’s why to love ourselves, means, to learn the art of nourishing our own happiness.”



Do you agree with me?



Have you noticed, how happy people are when they are in love? Have you noticed, how easy it is for people who are happy to be in love?



When I am happy or when I am in love, I become understanding and kind. I feel I am a part of manKIND (pun intended). This helps me to truly unite with people. It is impossible for a happy or loving person to think of hurt / hatred / destruction / jealousy etc.



This is why I do my best to stay happy and stay loving. It brings the best out of me.



What works for you my darling readers? What are your thoughts on religion? Do you too believe we must nourish our own happiness and NOT be dependent on someone else to do it for us? Do you believe love and happiness unites people ‘truly’? What brings the best out of you?



So many questions!!! Well, don’t blame me. Blame Aasiya and Shumita. Ha ha



Waiting for your thoughts my darling friends…


With love, happiness and prayers,






As I live…I learn

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