Dearest Darling Friends,


You have talent. So what?


Do you know anyone who is talented yet not successful? Do you know anyone who is talented yet not happy? Do you know anyone who is talented yet not liked by people?


I am sure you do. I am also sure you would have come across many people who regret ‘not having remarkable talents’.


I was always shy as a child. I did not have talent for public speaking or relationship building. I never had the natural charisma of a leader. I was never swift as a sportsman. I never had a photographic memory for studies.


In my entire childhood, I have lamented, ‘How will I succeed in life? I do not have any talent !” When I observed successful people, I realized my laments were baseless.


Talent gives me a good start. Talent reduces the effort that is required to accomplish a task. That is where the role of talent ends. Talent is never enough. Even if I am talented, I will need the following to succeed + be happy + be liked by people.


I will need –


Belief for it lifts talent
Initiative for it activates talent
Vision for it directs talent
Focus for it positions talent
Practice for it sharpens talent
Perseverance for it sustains talent
Character for it protects talent
Contribute, for it supports talent
Humility for it nurtures talent
Come to think about it…if I have talent but I do not have belief, initiative, focus, vision, character, humility or the ability to contribute, my talent will not blossom.


Come to think again…if I DO HAVE belief, initiative, focus, vision, character, humility and the ability to contribute, I will ANYWAYS succeed. Am I right my dear friend?


With love, prayers and best wishes,




Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.


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