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From the time young Kiran was ten, she told everyone who was willing to listen that she wanted to grow up to be an honest Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Kiran is a young girl who studies in a corporation school in Pune. She is the child of a auto rickshaw driver and a house maid. She is one of the three children her parents gave birth to. Today she celebrates her 16th birthday.



Most people try to temper her enthusiasm. They are not naysayers but they want to prepare her for disappointment in advance. A lot of people laugh at her childhood audacity. Some are out and out sarcastic.



The truth is that the odds are against her. The truth is that her chances are slim. But Kiran just keeps saying (and more importantly believing), somebody’s got to do it, why not me?



One of the reasons our stories don’t come alive or our ideas don’t see the light of the day is that deep down we don’t believe in them ourselves. We question who we are. We question the dreams we dream. We stop asking— someone’s got to do it, why not me?



The world needs more people like Kiran. People with conviction in their ideas who will give their heart and soul to their dreams and convictions.



People with the courage to share their ideas with other people. People who are ready to be dismissed and ridiculed yet unabashedly, keep dreaming.



People who are willing to be vulnerable yet defiant.



People who want to do work they are proud of. People who want to create the future we all want to see.



Life School would love to play the supporting role in your dreams, in your convictions. With that as the intention, we write LSMs. Looking forward to continue making impact in your life, Tuesday after Tuesday. Thanks for reading. You give purpose to my Tuesdays.



With love, prayers and best wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.



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