Have you ever shied away from taking on a role or opportunity because you didn’t feel confident enough?
Perhaps your inner critic told you that…
– you are not yet ready
– you are not capable enough
– you don’t have enough experience.
Perhaps the voice in your head made you wriggle and ask: “Oh God, why me?”
The above expressions hold us back like a leash holds back a tiger that is ‘raring to leap’.
Do you wish to break down the terrible walls of mediocrity that encircles your potential keeping it locked away?
Do you wish to step away from the past setbacks and stop worrying endlessly about the future?
If your answers to the above two questions are a definitive yes, then, ‘bias towards action’ will help you 100%.
Bias for action is not necessarily a natural inborn quality. Anyone can cultivate it within themselves.
Here are 7 steps I have often taken to successfully develop a ‘bias towards action’ mindset:
1. I break down bigger tasks into smaller parts. Creating smaller goals helps me achieve my larger goals.
In this way, I can
– avoid feeling overwhelmed
– stay focused
– move forward by taking incremental steps.
2. I build risk tolerance. Instead of waiting for the perfect moment or all the answers, I take action by gathering the most important information to form a decision.
3. I am not afraid to reach out for help or ask questions to find answers as quickly as possible.
Getting things done is more important than the useless worry about ‘what will people think of me’.
4. I do something that gets me out of your comfort zone.
It could be doing an Instagram video or trying a new exercise routine or even making dough in the kitchen.
5. I strive for progress and not for perfection. I understand that uncertainty is a part of decision-making and a 100% success rate is not realistic. Once my actions play out, I learn and adjust my further  course of action.
6. I show initiative and am always eager to take bigger responsibilities.
7. Even when something is not MY job, I often jump in and offer to help.
Finally, I always remember this amazing quote – “You don’t have to be great to start
but you need to start to be great.”
See! I did not wait to write a ‘perfect’ post. I wrote a good one.
Now, I will wait for your replies, learn a lot, made some corrections and be delighted with ‘Progress’.
With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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