In an interview, Twinkle Khanna asks Sushmita Sen regarding the experience of winning the title of Femina Miss India and how she won it:


She shared that she was not expecting to win at all and that made her win is the most ironic thing in life.


Insight – Sometimes we win, when we expect it the least. That’s life for you, you never know what it has for you.


Further she added, she won because she had no pressure in her head, unlike someone who was already favourite to their audience and they expected her to win.


Insight – Things comes naturally when you are under no outer or inner pressure.


Then comes the most iconic lines…


“Winning miss universe is like making history for my country. When Miss Venezuela walked away and just Miss Colombia and I stood together. The memory of me winning it and her hands going up in the air as if she had won taught me tremendous grace. Someone like me needed the crown to know that grace. She didn’t need it, she had it.”


Insight – Sometimes we win to know our value. Sometimes we already know our value and do not need accolades to prove that.


Game changer insight isn’t it?


Hats off to Sushmita Sen to share it with one and all. I guess she is in the same place today as Miss Columbia was that fateful day.


I wish to reach there someday soon. I am sure many of the readers  are already there.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


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