Dearest Darling Friends,



There is no dearth of ADVISERS in this world. Some have good intentions, some are harmless yet selfish and some come with absolute dubious intentions!



Ultimately, people help us the way they know to help us.



To help you to come out of stress, one friend will ask you to seek solace in liquor, yet another will ask exhort you to chill and relax. Another friend might inspire you to meditate while one more might motivate you to seek divine blessings.



To overcome hurt, one friend will ask you to take revenge and get even, and another will ask you to forgive, forget and move on with a smile.



The truth remains, that, during a crisis, YOUR FALL BACK GUY MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE !



Duryodhana’s predicament, in his own words was, “I know what is right, but i am not able to do in it… I know what is wrong, but i am not able to avoid it”. So he needed a fallback…



He chose his fallback as uncle Shakuni. As a result, Duryodhana moved from bad to worse !!



Arjuna’s predicament was different… He allowed his emotions to confuse his sense of duty. This made him think of renouncing the war and escape from the responsibilities he had towards upholding his duty as a Kshatriya.



Fortunately he chose his fallback as Krishna. The result is known to all.



At some point of time, we all need a fallback. “Who is our fallback” makes all the difference. Yes, our choice of the fallback person, has the power to either destroy us or make us GREAT !



Who is your fall back person? Have you chosen your fallback person smartly?



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.

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