Dearest Darling Friends,



The other day a friend emailed me saying, “My faith is shaken because of what a ‘good’ person like you is going through. You deserve better”.



I felt glad for the love and affection expressed. However, I was concerned by the ease with which he allowed events in life to shake him, to SCAR him. I have seen so many people turn bitter / withdrawn / doubtful when life became difficult. These make things worse. In my ears echo, the words of Bob Marley, from the iconic song “Don’t worry. Be happy…”



“When you are in trouble;



You worry and make it double.



So don’t worry.



Be happyyyyyyy”.



It’s one of my all time favorite songs. It makes me smile every time I am in a difficult situation. For, I have no intentions to make my troubles double.



To solve all difficult situations, I create three simple lists. A YES list, NO list and a PROGRESS list.



1.The YES LIST – It has a list of things that I should do or think. It has items like…



-First, Be Peaceful.



-Do anything that makes you feel peaceful. Think anything that makes you feel peaceful. Any thought that takes your peace away is banished. Remind yourself again and again, you deserve peace. GIFT yourself PEACE. Anchor on to PEACE.



-Crack a joke – Here is the latest, gifted to me by my son Neeraj – The only booze I have is TarBooze (Water Mellon yaar!)



-Hug someone you love or hug someone who loves you



-Eat great food. (It sets me in a brilliant mood. What about you?). For heavens sake, don’t do something stupid like distancing yourself from great food.



-Count your blessings






-Go for a walk. It always clears my head.



-Read a comic book. This is awesome! Etc.



2.The NO LIST. It has things to be avoided. It has items like…



.No vengeance



.No hatred,



.No revenge,



.No blames,



.No complaints,



.No excuse


.Do nothing I would regret later



.No shouting or screaming



.No alcohol / smoking



.No fast driving. Etc.



3.The Progress list. This list contains possibilities about, from the current situation, what can be the first few progressive steps.



If I had a fight with my wife, the list can include things like saying sorry and buying flowers, irrespective of whose mistake it was. (it is ego busting)



If it is a business deal that has gone wrong, the list can include things like, booking the losses and moving on. (It involves accepting YES I made a mistake)



If it is a core employee leaving without enough intimation, calling for a meeting of the pillars of the organization and seeking suggestions of how to face the scenario. This must be done without bickering.



If it is losing a close relationship, the list can involve, meeting another very close person and celebrating being together.



These three lists have ALWAYS helped me face the most difficult situations. I am sure it will work for you too.



I always believe, the potentials We carry within us are much greater than the difficulties life throws at us.



So, peel the paint of difficulties that has marred the walls of life. Dream beyond the walls. Let NO ONE limit you. Certainly not your difficulties. Go beyond the marred, charred and the scarred walls. With a SMILE.






“When you are in trouble;



You worry and make it double.



So don’t worry.



Be happyyyyyyy”.



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.

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