Dear Darlings Friends,
How often do you think about your needs each day? A lot, right?
Researchers have pinpointed three fundamental human needs that transcend culture, upbringing, and personality.
These needs unite us as humans, and are a central theme of everyone’s life!
So, what are these three needs?
•The need to feel Competent.
•The need to have Choices.
•The need to experience meaningful Connection with others.
Every time we feel low, or lost, or alone, or ‘not understood’, one of these three needs are NOT being met.
I often realise it is ONE ridiculous expectation that sharpens the edges, gives me pain and ensures my needs are NOT MET.
The expectation is – “Someone should have anticipated my three fundamental human need and fulfilled them”.
Well good news is that, we are more than enough to meet our three fundamental needs. We need not depend on others. Go out and…
– Do something that makes us feel competent.
– Look at the options we have and make a progressive choice.
– Appreciate / learn / share and experience meaningful connection too.
If you wait for people to fulfil your needs, it’s risky.
If you take initiative and fulfil your own needs, that smart.
Which path you want to take – the risky one or the smart one? Choice is yours.

Your thoughts?

With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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