Dear Darlings Friends,


Most of us have probably never thought about it. We generally just let the days come and go and hope things will work out.


I answered the question today morning with a simple 5 step exercise:


* I split a piece of paper into two columns with a left side and a right side.
* On the left side, I wrote how my general workday looks like.
* On the right side, I wrote some details of what might be a ‘perfect day at work’ for me.
* I looked at the difference between the left side and the right side.
* I asked myself, ‘What small steps could be taken today to start making the left look more like the right?’


A few simple points that will make my perfect day are…


1. Sleep by 10.30
2. Wake up by 5 am
3. 10 surya namaskars
4. One call to a loved one
5. Reading interesting stuff
6. Laughing a lot
7. Meditating
8. Make a difference, unconditionally
9. Guide some youth towards their dreams
10. Do some work at a school with kids/teachers/parents


I realised that with a few tweaks in my routine, with a few small changes in my life style, point 1 to 8 are doable immediately. Shall start from today itself. Points 9 and 10 can be done once a week for sure.


– What does your current workday look like?
– What are you working on?
– Whom would you love to spending time with?
– What are you thinking about?
– What does your perfect workday look like?


Map out your perfect day by asking the above questions.


The magic is in identifying the difference between the left and the side columns, and then taking small, incremental steps to make as many perfect days as possible.


It may take sometime, but your awareness about your perfect day will help you make changes to your current state and ensure you GET THERE frequently.


Wishing you 1000s of perfect days in your life.


Your thoughts?

With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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