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Very simply put, Success = Gains – Loss



In any situation where I gain more than I lose, I see myself as successful.



I trusted someone with money. The money was not returned. If the lesson that I gained is worth more than the money I lost, then, this experience is a success in my life. If I am blaming that person or I carry hurt against that person or cry about my luck, then I would have learned nothing positive from that experience. In that case what I have is indeed a failure.



In another case…



I have made loads of money. In the process, I did not take care of my family. Today I have a detached relationship with them. We are not properly involved in each other’s life.



I could not take care of my health too. Today I am dependent on medicines. Here, the gains I made were monetary. The losses I made were in terms of health, relationships, and having a life, of regrets.



The world may see me as a success. One day I will recognize the losses were far greater than the gains. I am actually a failure.



Some people turn every experience, favorable or unfavorable, into milestones of success. They live and die as successful people.



May you too live and die as a very successful person.



Remember Success = Gains – Loss



With love, best wishes and prayers,






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