Dearest Darling Friends,



Here are my thoughts…



‘straight from my gut’



What is DEFENCE play?



  1. Resisting change



  1. Maintaining status quo
  2. Choosing to settle for less
  3. Lowering expectations from yourself
  4. Complaining a lot
  5. Feeling helpless
  6. Praying someone helps you
  7. Being a spectator
  8. Being hyper cautious
  9. Living a sad or fear-tinged life


What is OFFENCE play?


  1. Choosing to come out strong
  2. Choosing to be relentless
  3. Choosing to consistently gain ground. Choosing to consistently advance
  4. Creating conditions for change
  5. Building momentum
  6. Being pro-active
  7. Learning fast


Is defence ALWAYS WRONG? Not at all. There are times when defence is the right strategy. But, not at the BEGINNING of the year.



Relentless offensive is my recommendation to start fast and stay focused in 2017.



If you agree with me, then keep reading.



Now, do one thing. Go to a MIRROR.



Look at the person looking at you and say, “I have had enough of playing silly losing games with opportunities. I have had enough of settling for crumbs. I have had enough of standing by sidelines, watching people less talented less brighter than me, walk away with glories. It’s time to wake up and take massive action.”



Yes massive action. If the goal is to be debt free, why do it slowly?



If the goal is to be fit, why do it slowly?



If the goal is to be number one in my area of interest, why do it slowly?



If the goal is to be number one in sales, why do it slowly?



After all, any goal will expand to the time we have set for it.



In 2017, I have decided to play RELENTLESS OFFENCE. What do you say my darling?



With love, prayers and best wishes,



your naren

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