Dearest Darling Friends,



What is a desire? Is it a wish, a want or maybe just a need?



To me, a desire is more than a wish. A wish is so often postponed. With a wish, we often believe, it will NEVER actually happen. A wish so often has a tinge of sadness. Sometimes, a wish is also about regrets…Like…”I wish it had not rained”.



To me, a desire is more than a want. A want can be temporary. A want sounds arrogant. A want can be egoistic and destructive. At the same time, wants are easy to rationalize like fulfilling the need of a fancy car or a posh house or the latest iPhone! Wants are easily seen, felt and understood.



To me, a desire is more than a need. ‘Need’ has a negative connotation to it. A need would mean something I can’t live without. It means a kind of dependence. Dependence is ALWAYS restrictive.



So, what is a DESIRE?



To me, a desire is something that should set me free. A desire should take me to new highs. A desire should unveil capabilities I never even dreamed of having. Desires should be the core of my power. Desires should be an adventure trip to understand myself and the huge possibilities I have.



Sadly, most of us, do not dare to desire. We over contemplate and give up on our desires. We look at a few difficulties that ‘might’ happen if we chase our desires and give up even before starting.



Does the magic of the firefly witnessed from within the deep dark woods still prevail under a microscope? Somethings in life cannot be anticipated nor can we be completely prepared for them.



Desires emerge from a different dimension of life. You sense a nagging longing for it. You just know deep within that it has enslaved your heart in a prison and you are glad about it. It’s like a pirate’s desire to see a hint of land through the vastness of the ocean or a lover’s longing to reunite with its love or a soldier’s love to play a small role in keeping his country safe.



From following your passion to acknowledging your love for someone or something, to responding to a call of duty, desires stroke the very fire of life within us.



Don’t fear the unknown my darling friend, for the possibilities of the unknown are breathtaking. That is why we need desires. They take us to the realm of possibilities that are considered impossible by many.



Write. Paint. Dance. Laugh. Love. Indulge. Travel. Give. Share. Create. Do whatever it is that your heart desires for, as there is no other way to find true completeness.



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.



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