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In Spain, there is a monument that celebrates Christopher Columbus. At the base of the statue is inscribed the Spanish National Motto NE PLUS ULTRA. It means “No more beyond”.



In the statue, a lion’s paw reaches out and is seen destroying the word “No”, leaving the words “More Beyond”.



Christopher Columbus proved there is MORE BEYOND.



What a brilliant monument! What a brilliant idea! What a brilliant person!



Isn’t the story of every achiever’s life, a story from NE PLUS ULTRA to PLUS ULTRA? Doesn’t history prove, what was ‘impossible’ yesterday, becomes easy tomorrow?



Once it was impossible to fly in the skies. Today, aircraft’s have made it easy.



Once it was impossible to travel faster than the horse. Today, it is easy to travel 100 times faster.



Once it was impossible to speak to people in faraway lands. Today, it is easy not only to speak to them but is also possible to see them as we chat.



Once, it was impossible to heal a person when they had smallpox. Today, it is easy to prevent that and many more deadly diseases.



Once, it was impossible for people without a great business background, to raise money for commerce. Today, every morning we read in the newspapers, a few more youngsters have raised 100s of crores. Today, it is easy to do so.



Don’t believe in the word IMPOSSIBLE. It paralyses. Don’t believe in NE PLUS ULTRA.



Believe in PLUS ULTRA. There is much more beyond. My formula for the same? Dream Big and Act Today. Who knows, what is impossible for you today, will be easy for you tomorrow. Want to give yourself a chance?



With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.



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