In 1983, the BCCI lacked the funds to sponsor the Indian team’s trip to England for the World Cup.


Lata Mangeshkar organized a concert in Mumbai. The proceeds were handed over to the BCCI.


Fast forward a few years.


For the year 2013-14, BCCI had a profit of about Rs. 526 crores.


For the year 2020-21, the operating income of BCCI is estimated to be Rs. 3,900/- crores.


Things change.
Times change.
Fortunes change.
Life changes.


From a common man who is unknown even to his neighbors, to the richest and the most powerful person who is known all over the world, everyone goes through their share of challenges.


From a Mother Teresa to a Sonia Gandhi, from a Shahrukh Khan (who was banned from Wankhede Stadium) to MS Dhoni (who resigned from Test Captaincy midway during the Australia series), from an ordinary chaiwala to the once upon a time chaiwala Narendra Modi, whose life does not have challenges?


No one is immune from challenges. When they come, they just need to be overcome.


As Captain Jack Sparrow would say in the movie, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ – ‘The problem is never the problem. The problem is the way you look at the problem’.


There is only ONE Good way to look at a problem – Solving it!


So don’t overthink your problems. Just solve it.


Remember – Things change. Times change. Fortunes change. Life changes.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,



Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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