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This is a real life story that shows grace, respect and empathy of the highest class.


An old man was having food in a restaurant. His clothes and carriage showed he was from a well to do family. When he completed his meal, on being presented with the bill, he replied, “I have forgotten my purse at home.” He promised he will come in a while and pay the bill.


The owner of the restaurant was a Sardarji who was sitting on the counter. He did a namaste to the old man and remarked, “No issues. Whenever you can, you may repay the money.”


The old man nodded meekly and left.


The waiter was silently watching from the sidelines. He approached his owner and remarked, “This old man is a fraud. He has played the same trick in a few other hotels. Today, he has cheated us. He will never come back to repay”.


The Sardar owner looked at the waiter, smiled gently and replied, “That old man just ate lentils (dal) and bread (roti). He has not eaten lavishly. He did not eat Kaju curry or shaahi paneer. He did not come here to exploit us. Neither did he come here to cheat us. He just came here to fill his stomach as he was hungry but did not have money. He did not eat here thinking he was eating in a hotel. He ate here thinking he was in a Gurudwara. And we Sardar’s do not take money for those who eat at a langer in the Gurudwara”.


What noble thoughts! What an attitude towards service! What an empathetic heart to feel someone’s pain and shame, allow them to save their face and cover it with respect. It is people like these who have truly understood faith and religion. These people give meaning to the word humanity. Your thoughts?


With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,




Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.


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