The 90-9-1 rule is here !

The 80-20 rule is old now.

Less than 1% people in the world are millionaires. Less than 9% people are working actively towards joining the 1% millionaire club. 90% people do not even think about being a millionaire.

The wealth of the richest 1 percent is more than the wealth of the remaining 99 percent.

Only 1% people create new content, about 9% engage with the created content, while the remaining 90% of the users just surf and do time pass.

Less than 1% startups succeed in the real world. About 9% start ups struggle and survive. About 90% startups close down.

Less than 1% of people get promoted more than 5 times in their life and rise to the top of the organisation. Their roles completely changes with successive promotions. 9% people get promoted three times with little change in their job profiles. 90% get salary promotions without significant change in their job.

Less than 1% get into the top schools in the world.

Less than 1% people began with a career mindset (with a job) and went on to create a successful company of their own.

The important insight of this 90-9-1 rule is, look around and see if you are doing what 99% of the world is doing?

What are you doing to get into the 1% club?

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