– If your home is on fire, would you wait for an invitation to leave your home?


– Will you consult the experts on the position of the heavenly bodies so that you can time your escape to perfection?


– Will you will update your FB status and ask your ‘friends’ for their comments and suggestions?


– Or, will you wait till the house is burnt and then carry a regret forever?


The answer is obvious. You will move the instant you know there is fire. If you wait, you will wait to rescue something precious and escape from that place, faster than the master magician, Houdini.


There will be a tremendous sense of urgency within you. You won’t wait for anything and YOU will DO something.


– Business is not doing well. You are losing money. The house is on fire. Don’t just stand watching it. Do something.


– Married life is not going great guns. You are sadness personified. The house is on fire. Don’t just hope someone else will improve it for you. Do something.


– Health is not ok. You have narrated your disease script to more people than you know. Sympathies never improve health. Don’t wait. Do something.


– You sway in negative emotions as much as the balloon does on a breezy day. You wait for the world to improve, change, understand you. Don’t wait. Do something.


When you wait for someone to make things happen for you, you feel helpless and at the mercy of people. When you DO something, YOU feel self-worth and you are in control.


When something is not ok, it’s like your house is on fire. Don’t wait for someone else to extinguish the fire and solve things for you.


Take control. It’s your house. Don’t wait. Chose to ‘do something’.


With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,



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