Idea – ‘No.’ Is a complete sentence. Say it when you must.


Quote – Being unable to say no can make you exhausted, stressed and irritable.


Explanation – Sometimes customers come with unrealistic expectations. Wanting to pamper the unreasonable makes us weak. Saying ‘yes’ to every demand will lead your business to doom. Believe in yourself enough to be able to say ‘no’.


Action – Say ‘no’ without sounding rude, insensitive, or feeling guilty. Say ‘no’ with a smile. You may want to put it this way…
”We would happy to do what you are asking us to do when/after/but………………….”


Eg …. A lovely lady wanted us to include her hubby in this group. The hubby is NOT a Life Schooler. This is how we replied…


We would be happy to include hubby in this group…if only he was a Life Schooler.


These were the two more reply options we had.


We would be happy to include hubby in this group…
A) …when we have completed 3 months of trails.
B) …after creating consistency and being robust.


Do you land in trouble because you cannot say a NO to people? If yes, what do you think of this technique?


Looking forward to your kind comments. Even a few words are great.


With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,
As I live…I learn


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