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Two years ago, in 2018, Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul were sent home from Sydney, abruptly and without any courtesy.


In a context involving women, they made a few distasteful comments on a TV show. With a flamboyant lifestyle in his past, Hardik Pandya got more bad media and drew a lot of flak.


Mainstream media as well as social media, tore into him for his indiscreet comments on the show. Fans booed him. Friends ignored him. Family felt humiliated.


Hardik Pandya, along with KL Rahul, were suspended by the BCCI. They faced a tough in-house inquiry and were banned for a period.


Two years later, day before yesterday, at the same SCG, Hardik Pandya returned to the pavilion, to a standing ovation.


With 92 not out, he was the highest Indian scorer in the third ODI, giving India a consolation win in the 50-over series. On Sunday, his 42 not out off 22 balls saw him being crowned as India’s new ‘finisher’.


In two years things have completely changed for him. Two years earlier, Sydney was Hardik’s downfall. Day before, Sydney saw Pandya’s redemption.


Hello friend! In case you are going through a tough time, hold on, work on yourself. Your redemption is waiting for you.


With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,




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