“Jeetu, 3 glasses of Mango Milkshake please”. That was me shouting a request to the fruit juice owner from my car.



Jeetu, the owner of Fantasy Juice Bar, got down from his juice centre, walked up to my car and said, “Today, the milkshake has not come out well. Don’t have it.”



I was saddened and surprised. Surprised that he is saying NO to a customer. Saddened because I had boasted about Jeetu’s fantastic milkshakes to them and drove them 11 kms to taste it.



Having tasted Jeetu’s milkshake, I was anticipating their thrilled faces and appreciation for me for introducing them to such a fine place. Alas! That was not to be.



Crestfallen, I chided Jeetu and said, “If we go somewhere else and they like it there, they may never come back to you.”



Jeetu spontaneously replied, “That is their good luck. But I will not sell you things that are not meant for you.”



I was super impressed and remain Jeetu’s loyal customer till date.



That day I decided, I will never sell my product to someone for whom it is NOT the right buy. This policy has ALWAYS helped me greatly in building solid trustworthy relationships with my buyers.



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,



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