People who WIN are people who have DECIDED to WIN. The world calls them champions.


In my experience in coaching and mentoring, I have often witnessed some people growing faster than others.


The world calls these people as champions.


What do these champions do differently than others?


Champions do three things really well. It is these three things that gives them breathtaking speed and top-class control, together.


The magic of these three simple things is that EVERYBODY can do it.


Read on about these three points and let me know your thoughts…


1. They ‘Role Model’ someone –


Success leaves clues. If someone is successful, not once, not twice, but continuously, it is obvious that they are NOT plain simple lucky.


There is something about what they are doing that’s making their life extraordinary.


Champions relentlessly search for these little somethings that is making other people excel.


Champions are as curious about these clues as children are about ice cream.


2. They adapt the clues to suit their life –


No one’s life is exactly like YOURS. The context differs.


The conditions differ. The work differs.


The obstacles differ. The opportunities differ. Champions know this.


Hence, they do not ever copy the clues in toto. They find where all the clues ‘fit’ their life goals, implement it, and enjoy the benefits.


3. Even when no one believes in them, they believe in themselves –


They believe they are born for a purpose. They create possibilities for themselves when no one wanted to give them opportunity. They turn pain into progress.


Everyday, they remind themselves, ’It all starts with you’.


They keep telling themselves, the world sees the rough diamond as just another stone.


Keep working on yourself and become a polished diamond.


The world will see you then as a diamond.


It is these three simple steps that creates a Champion. Which one of these is easy for you? Which one is tough? Why?


If you believe you are a Champion, tell us the clues from your success story.


I am relentlessly searching for them.


Do let me know.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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