It is 2016. Another T20 World Cup finals. Ben Stokes has the ball in his hands. West Indies needed an improbable 19 runs to win.


Carlos Brathwaite hit him for 4 consecutive sixes and sealed the match. By the end of the onslaught, Ben looked dazzled and shell-shocked.


It was the lowest point in his career.


– Most people would have nightmares about that onslaught for the rest of their lives.
– Most people would never recover from that catastrophe.
– Most people would be consumed by guilt and won’t be able to face their team mates ever.
– Most people would completely lose confidence in their abilities.
– Most people would go ashtray in life after such a colossal subjugation.


Most people. Not Ben Stokes.


That shell-shocking has spurred him on to greater heights.


He has now fashioned two of England’s biggest white ball triumphs.

Never before, in the history of #cricket, has any nation been crowned as World Cup champions in both #t20worldcup and 50-over cricket championships.


#benstokes has enabled both with #heroic innings, standing firm under tremendous #pressure .


Yesterday, he anchored England’s chase with a T20 career-best 52 not out and made them World Champions.


He has shown the world he is the world’s greatest cricketer for big occasions.


Ex-captain #eoinmorgan, calls Ben Stokes ‘superhuman’.


Current captain, #josbutler says, “What Ben has achieved after 2106 is amazing. He always stands up in the biggest moment”.


He never let the 2016 thrashing push him back.


Ben Stokes told pace bowler Jofra Archer, “Failures don’t define you.” I guess that is Ben’s secret.


For the rest of my life, I will treasure Ben’s “Failures don’t define you”.


If I am ever down and out, I will think about Ben of 2016 who has just hit the lowest point of his career by bowling badly

and making England lose from a winning position.


I will then visualize Ben Stokes leading England to two World Championships and repeat to myself, “Failures don’t define you”.


Thank you, Ben. You have shown me what makes a #hero.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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