– Tragic?
– Forgettable?
– Unprecedented?
– Overwhelming?
– A turning point?


Perhaps, all of them.


2021 tested our resilience, forcing people to change how they live, work, relate and interact.


As we near 2022, we face a few important questions. In the post-pandemic world, how much time will you invest on…


– Health?
– Family and loved ones?
– Yourself and your hobbies?
– Making this world a better place to live in?


In other words, will the importance of winning the un-win-able rat race recede and the importance of LIVING a beautiful life gain focus?


Wishing you a happy, balanced, prioritized, beautiful, smiley 2022.


If there is anyways I can be of help in making 2022 the best year ever of your life, do let me know.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,



Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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