Dearest Darling Friends,



Here we are, at the beginning of 2015, with a clean slate, new goals set, resolutions made, and plans to take life head on. We might even have decided on ‘word for the year’. (For me it is ‘abundance’)



We have great intentions, we read inspirational books and attend self-development programs. We are excited with the ideas we hold in our head. We imagine a great year ahead. We convince ourselves, this time, we are certainly going to make things happen. Well, well, well. Mapping out ideas is so much easier than executing them, and I know it so well!



I have a whole set of ’notes’ full of potential book ideas. The number of notes increases every now and then. However, the number of books written is agonizingly slow.



Now what?



Should I give up on new ‘notes’ on book ideas?



Should I give up on myself with a silly regret of being ‘non-great’ material?



Should I now, just watch and stay amazed with people who ‘do it’?



No! That’s the answer to all the questions above.



Executing on any one ‘note’ or executing, for that matter, any idea, needs three things. Get these three things in place and any idea can see day light.



What are these three things?



1) A commitment to the idea. Choosing to commit means caring enough about the impact you believe your idea will have. Caring enough to see yourself growing in the process and loving it.



2) Doing the work. Making time. Setting plans. Starting. Continuing.



3) Choice to forsake doing something else. This means a willingness to sacrifice other things that might feel good to do in the moment. It’s tough, but when you believe it is worth it, you end up doing the right thing.



I’d really love to know what you’re committed to this year.



This is my list of ‘Top 5’.



1) Write a book on Meditation



2) Reduce my fat % to below 20%. Right now it is 29%.



3) Take a 8 – 10 day holiday, all alone.



4) Increase my profits by 100%



5) Start the ‘school project’ where kids will grow up to be ‘world class’ in whatever they chose to do.



Looking forward to 2015 like nothing else in my life.



If you want to share your top 5, hit reply to this email and let me know what will be on your ’Top 5′ for 2015, and why.



Looking forward to hearing about your plans.



With loads of love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






As I Live…I Learn

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