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Last week’s post got us some outstanding feedback and responses. Thanks a ton. Engagement with our darling readers, makes our writing efforts, completely worthwhile.



One reader remarked, ‘Having written the top 5, I feel I have a clear purpose for 2015. Could you please guide us further on enhancing the quality of life?’



Well, we are flattered by your kind comments. Thanks a ton again. Your question is phenomenal. Had never thought on those lines. When we read your post, the heart went ‘wow’!



Inspired by your question, here are the simple random things we believe, will ensure great quality of life.



These pointers are very short and completely doable. They are devoid of cliché’s. Thanks to you, we too have clarity on what needs to be done for a enhanced quality of life. Here it comes…



Eat better food. Eat on time. Run more. Squat more. Sleep early. Wake up early. Eat light. Always. Drink more water. Read books. Every day. Adventure. Talk less. Listen more. Meditate. Daily. Morning. Feel nature deeper. Love better. Believe in life. Open eyes. Know how to see. Smile effortlessly. Hold more hands. Hug more people. Forgive liberally. Find myself. Care. Do everything passionately. Cut out poison. Stay curious. Listen to music. Practice ‘orotund’. Natsukashii. Jump. Sing. Touch. Mend. Use hands.



Dearest Friends, what would you love to add to this small list. Waiting on the other side to know.



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With loads of love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






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