New year resolutions can be a useful way to set goals and intentions for the coming year and to reflect on the past year.


While it’s true that many people struggle to stick to their resolutions, that doesn’t mean that the practice is not worth pursuing.


Making a resolution can be a good way to motivate yourself to make positive changes in your life.


It can also be a helpful way to hold yourself accountable for your actions and to track your progress towards your goals.


That being said, it’s important to be realistic and not set unrealistic goals for yourself.


It’s also important to be flexible and to be willing to adjust your goals as needed.


If you do find that you’re struggling to stick to your resolution, don’t be too hard on yourself.


Instead, try to figure out what’s causing the difficulty and see if there’s a way to overcome it.


Remember, the most important thing is to try your best and to keep moving forward,

even if you don’t achieve everything you set out to do. So, it is always better to have a new year resolution.


Here is my 7 pointer NEW YEAR resolution. 


1. This year, I resolve to focus on my physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


2. I will prioritize self-care and make time for activities that nourish my body, mind, and spirit.


3. I will embrace positivity and cultivate a growth mindset, letting go of negative thoughts and focusing on the good things in life.


4. I will surround myself with supportive and uplifting people and cultivate meaningful relationships.


5. I will also strive to be more dynamic and proactive, setting and working towards achievable goals that align with my values and passions.


6. By taking care of myself and embracing a positive, dynamic mindset, I believe I can achieve great things and lead a fulfilling and meaningful life.


7. I will take risks and embrace new challenges, knowing that growth and fulfilment come from stepping outside of my comfort zone.


Do you set New Year Resolutions? Have they worked for you? What is the resolution for 2023. If you wish to share, I am eager to know.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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