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A donkey was tied to a tree. A demon came and untied it. The donkey ran into the fields and began destroying the crop.


1. When the farmer’s wife spotted this, she shot and killed the donkey.


2. The donkey’s owner was so upset that he shot the farmer’s wife.


3. When the farmer returned to see his wife dead, he stormed off and shot the donkey’s owner.


4. The sons of the owner of the donkey went late night and burnt the farmer’s house assuming that

the farmer too would have been burnt alive. Sadly for them, that wasn’t the case.


5. When the farmer came back to see the charred remains of his house, he promptly went and shot the wife

and the two sons of the donkey’s owner.


Suddenly struck by remorse, the farmer asked the demon why all those terrible things had to happen?


The demon replied, “Why, I did nothing at all! Oh, except release the donkey.”


Did you get it?


The only thing the devil needs to do is simply release the donkey (ego) within us.


May 2023 be the year when the inner donkey remains tied and does no harm.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


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