My dearest friend Tanuja, shared this message with me on Saturday.


It made me so proud of all coaches and their relationship with their coachees. I am blessed to share such a deep relationship with Tanuja. Here is what she wrote…


Dear naren, I read this message today and it reminded me of your role in my life as a coach and mentor. Thank you


The video link below shows USA’s Anita Alvarez as she recently sank slowly to the bottom of the pool at the world championships in Budapest.


Her coach, Andrea Fuentes, scanned the pool deck and made a split-second decision: She dove in to save her.


This image reminds me of the importance of coaching and mentoring.


– This coach had the desire to help.
– This coach had the willingness to save.
– This coach acted while others were still watching on the sideline.
– This coach could recognise Anita was under the water longer than she usually could.


We have too many folks drowning before us, in different walks of life etc.


We watch as many walk away & unfortunately, some even take their own lives due to the pressure that comes from navigating life’s challenges. Everyone needs a helping hand.


If you are a young person that doesn’t have a mentor, find one now.


If you’re a seasoned veteran and don’t have a mentee, find one now.


There’s no excuse for anyone to drown.


Reach out to help someone this week. If you look around carefully, I bet you know someone who needs your ‘reaching out’.


They are drowning and do not have the strength to call for help.


By Tanuja Ganu


P.S. Here is the link of coach Andrea Fuentes after she saved Anita Alvarez.


Let us know if there was someone who saved you or if you have saved someone. Salutation !!!


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


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