– You want to become a professional dancer, but your parents do not support you.


– You want to become a celebrity chef but you do not have enough resources.


– You want to take up guitar lessons but you don’t have the time.


– You want to become an IAS officer but you feel you lack the smartness and talent.


We believe that obstacles stop us from taking action and creating glory.




A more sensible thought would be, ‘How to overcome these obstacles?’


Here are a few steps that has worked for many.


First of all, obstacles do not mean STOP. It just means – find an alternative way.


Now, visualise a donkey walking. It sees a huge boulder in its path. What would the donkey do? Go back? Nah! Give up? Nah!


When faced with an obstacle, even a donkey does not stop. It walks around it. Do the same.


How to implement this in our day to day life?


1. Read how famous and successful people overcame obstacles in their life. Get inspired.


2. Seek help from someone you trust. Get practical guidance.


3. Experiment. Find your own way.


Think of options. Think of solutions. Think of possibilities.


You will be startled to realise that when you refuse to give up, you always find a way to move ahead. ALWAYS.


Trust me. It works.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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