1. Problem-solving – Problems are always going to be there. Most in the world focus on problems.

A rare few focus on solutions. These few who focus on ‘solving problems’, lead others.

They create abundance and opportunities for many. Be among these rare few.

Solving worthwhile problems makes one live a worthwhile life.



2. Self management – Distractions will always be there.

Anyone who stays focussed will do better than others who give in to distractions.

Fear is a distraction. Greed is a distraction. Seeking validation is a distraction. Low self esteem is a distraction.

Hurts and regrets are distractions. Master these distractions to master your life.



3. Working with people – Differences among people will always be there.

If you are great in working with people (even if you don’t like them), there is no limits to what you can achieve.

If not, then, you will struggle. Cooperate without compromising, say no without saying a no, learn to persuade people,

understand different points of view and you will excel in working with people.



4. Use of technology – Wisdom, wealth and opportunities have always existed in civilisation.

However, it is technology that is the most outstanding feature of current times.

Technology brings in efficiency. Technology bridges distances.

Technology empowers everyone. Technology saves lives. Be smart and use technology to unleash huge advantages.



All great people in the past had the first three strengths. You and me have the fourth at our disposal too.

If you are already using all the four amazingly, you must be living a great life. Congrats and thanks for inspiring us.

If not, lets gallop of the journey of greatness from today itself. It’s possible. All the best…


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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