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Here is an insightful story that teaches about teamwork, ego, and the importance of every team member.



Lord Ram was building the bridge. Hanuman was taking big boulders and throwing it in the ocean. There was a small spider who was pushing the tiniest of the pebbles with ferocious intensity but to no avail. Hanuman was laughing at that.



Lord Ram called Hanuman over and asked him, “Why I am building this bridge?”



“Because you want to cross the ocean,” Hanuman said. “That’s not the reason. Simply by taking my name you crossed the ocean. I could be there in one moment if I wanted”.



Hanuman said, “Because you want to kill Ravana.” Lord Ram replied, “If I want to kill Ravana, all I have to do is leave his heart and he will die. Only because of my presence he is living.”



Hanuman said, “Then why is it you are building this bridge?”



“To engage you,” said Lord Ram. Yes, to engage you in devotional service, so that you will get purified and this spider is similarly engaged.”



In any organization, both kinds of team members are equally important. We need contributors to results. We also need the contributors of spirit too.



Respecting both without allowing ego to interfere is what teamwork is all about.



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  1. Hiren Parekh November 30, 2020 at 4:49 pm

    Thanks once again Naren for your wonderful post.

    All the points mentioned by you are cent percent correct & inspiring.

    I just want to add the below to what you have shared:

    1) I need to keep investing quality time & efforts to develop Knowledge.

    2) I need to keep implementing this Knowledge in the form of Wisdom in doing all that is worthwhile.

    3) I need to keep acquiring the requisite Skills to grow in all areas of my life wherever it is required. Preferably the Skills should be developed at a time where I am free from distractions or from doing any other work (preferably in the mornings).

    4) Finally, I need to constantly keep sharpening my saw by Updating my knowledge, wisdom & skills to ensure that I remain focused & in tune on what I want to achieve.

    Regards & Gratitude,

  2. Ratan Oswal November 30, 2020 at 4:52 pm


    Your messages are always encouraging, good thoughts, I read.


    Ratan Oswal.

  3. mahesh kulkarni November 30, 2020 at 4:55 pm



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