I was wondering what drives my identity?


Is it the Mont Blanc pen I have?
Or, the car I drive?.
Or, the people I hang out with?.
Or, the people I know?.
Or, my clothes?
Or, the interiors of my dwelling?.
Or, the phone I use?
Or, the place I shop?.
Or, the place I holiday?


When I die, will my tombstone read, “Brilliant job done”.


Or will it be, “Wasted opportunities running behind insignificant things, insignificant events and
insignificant company.”


To ensure I have lived a good life, what should I do in the next few days?


Should I call someone who will smile when they see my name flashing on their phone? (Let me know if I can call you)


Is there someone I should invite for breakfast and just say ‘thank you’?


Should I send a gift to someone who helped me when I needed it the most and make them feel


Should I ‘pat someone on the back’ for doing a great job in these tough times?


Should I give an opportunity to someone who needs a break and make them believe the world has enough genuine people?


Should I forward this article to someone who will grow out of it?


What do you say? What should I do to create my identity? What should I do to ensure I live a great life?


Looking forward to your wisdom.


With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,



Change your thoughts. Change your life


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