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I used to be a huge to-do list guy. I would have one for every day and a few half made, work in progress to-do lists for the subsequent days too.


I used to have a to-do list for holidays, for shopping, for reading books and even when I was meeting people. These lists worked for me. I would love crossing out my to-do’s as I progressed through the day.


And then, a realization hit me. Sometimes it would be fulfilling to find a completely crossed out list at the end of the day. At other times, even if the list was completely crossed out, it would leave me drained. On both days, I had crossed the list out. Then, why was this difference?


I realized there are two kinds of days I have…


1. A day, where my target was to ‘do my best’. On these days, my best efforts respected and repeated the status quo. I often failed to excel for the focus was to do enough. I often failed to move the needle for the focus was to avoid rushing and pushing. I often failed to persuade a person for I did not want to ruffle feathers. I often failed to lift the standards for average was acceptable. In each scenario ‘I’ did my job. THAT was my responsibility, right? Even if the operation succeeded, the patient often died. I consoled myself by saying “I did my best.” These were the days, where I felt unfulfilled.


2. The second kind of a day was where I was absolutely committed to do result focused, purpose driven, game changing actions. On these days I felt fulfilled. The points on my to-do list were also result focused, purpose driven, big levers of my life. ‘My best’ was enough for me, result was. ‘My best’ was not enough for me, ‘purpose’ was. ‘My best’ was not enough for me,massive progress was.


I am still a to-do list guy. However, it is not just crossing of the points that satisfies me…it is ‘getting things done’, ‘making things happen’, that satisfies me.


Are you also a to-do list kind of a person? Do you also have both these kind of days?


Would love to know your thoughts, your feelings, your actions on how do you get the best out of your days.


With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,




Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.


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