Devanand had this incredible philosophy.. once he made a movie, he wouldn’t look back. Simi Grewal once asked him, ‘How does it feel to have such a rich legacy behind him. His reply was, ‘That’s right … It’s behind me …can’t see any more.’


Henning Holck-Larsen, one of the founders of L & T would never keep photographs. When asked about this peculiar habit he replied, ‘Why should I think about the past when there is so much to think about the future’.


After a stellar innings at Zensar Technologies, when he retired, I asked Dr Ganesh Natarajan, ‘Does he miss Zensar?’. He replied, ‘I always move forward without regrets and never look back’.


COVID 19 has ensured 2020 is unlike any other year of our lives. It has left us with two choices…


1. Look at 2020 and count all that could have been, all that was lost, and all the pains and sufferings.
2. Be like Devanand, Dr Ganesh Natarajan and Henning Holck-Larsen, and chose to look firmly ahead. There is much to do there.


It is always energizing to think about the sun that is about to rise than to think about the sun that set last night.


Your thoughts my darling Devanand…umm sorry…my dearest darling friend?


With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,




Change your thoughts. Change your life.

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