Hello darlings,


If you were to receive a present this Diwali, what would you like it to be?


From my childhood, I have always looked forward to Diwali for three reasons – Meeting of family members, receiving gifts and lots of food.


This year Diwali is very different.


We will be at our respective homes in our respective cities of Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Nagpur and Istanbul. Food has its joy and fun only when it is shared. For me, the same food is not tasty if I have to eat it alone. So, no family….no joy of Diwali food. No meeting of family members and therefore no exchange of gifts too.


But then, stop stop stop. You are my family too, isn’t it? And I love GVING gifts. So here I am asking all of you, ‘If you were to receive a present from me this Diwali, what would you like it to be?’


Only one request – Ask me for a gift that you cannot buy with money. That will make this gift deep and meaningful. Go ahead and ask. If it is possible, you will certainly get it.


Happy Diwali. Lots of love and big warm Diwali hug to you.




P.S. You are welcome home for the Diwali Faral, lots of laughter and super good vibes.

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