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This poetry changed Margaret Thatcher’s life.



Margaret Thatcher was the erstwhile Prime Minister of England. Many people insist she was the BEST EVER.



When Margaret Thatcher was a young girl, this poem by Ella Wilcox changed her life.



 “One ship drives East,



and another drives West,



By the self-same gale that blows;



’Tis the set of the sail, and not the gale, That determines the way she goes.”



The poet says, we may not get to choose our external circumstances, initially.



The wind blows regardless of our preference. However, we get to decide what we do with that wind. Similarly, we get to decide how we will respond to the difficulties in our life. We get to set our own sail.



Inspired by the same poem, here are a few questions that I am always asking myself.



Am I avoiding the hard waves?



Am I seeking an easy path?



How heavy is the load I am carrying?



Is my load sufficient enough to provide the traction I need to move forward?



Ships don’t sail with ease. They brave crushing waves and fierce storms to reach their destination.



Good timber does not grow with ease. Neither will you. Neither will I. Agree?



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