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The opening statement by Charles Dickens in his all time classic ‘A Tale Of Two Cities’ is, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”



As a child when I read this statement, I saw Charles Dickens as a confused man. And of course, I saw myself as the wise man.



As I grew, I realized it was I who was confused. It was HE who was wise.



I realized, the very challenges inherent in life, make it possible to thrive. Without challenges, there would be nothing to overcome. I concluded, we can’t possibly have “the best” of times without having “the worst” of times.



Without a Gabbar, Jai and Veeru are not possible.



Without a Mogambo, Mr India is no fun.



Without the Joker, Batman is boring.



To know sweetness, I must also know bitterness. To know and appreciate health, I must be acquainted with sickness. To know happiness, I must have ‘felt’ sadness. Without knowing darkness, there could be no understanding of light.



The more extreme the difficulty, the more extreme the growth possibilities.



There’s never been a more competitive, changing and challenging time to live. Thus, there’s never been greater opportunities for success, impact, and fulfillment in the history of the world.



If you believe, you have a challenging life, first of all, pat yourself on your back. Say congrats to yourself. Now, go ahead and choose. Choose what will unleash the sleeping giant of greatness inside you.



Good timber does not grow with ease. Great lives don’t happen without boldness. Legends are never born. They get created by overcoming obstacles.Create a legend out of you.



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