Dear Darling Friends,



Five-minute favours are, you doing something for someone, without expecting anything in return. Doing this something, let it take, just 5 minutes.



Why should you do this?



You do this 5 minute favour, to strengthen the goodness that exists within you.



You do this 5 minute favour, to remind people that goodness is alive and strong.



You do this 5 minute favour, to bury your ego, be humble and enjoy being unconditional.



Examples of five-minute favours include



  1. sharing knowledge with empathy,
  2. making an introduction,
  3. recommending someone
  4. appreciating someone when they are expecting it the least.
  5. saying, ‘I believe in you’ to someone,
  6. etc


My friend Meher introduced me to this concept of ‘paying it forward’. I feel when you are able to do this ‘paying it forward’ 5 minute favour, you are more successful.



And you aren’t just helping others in five minutes of ‘touching someone’s heart’, you are successfully supporting the spread of happiness.



Writing this article, took me just five minutes. Nice, isn’t it?



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.





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