Different people respond differently to problems. On a closer look, you will find there is a pattern by which we respond to problems.


Have a look at a few possible mental responses and find out who are you!


It is a very interesting and reflective exercise. Here we go…


Blamer:  We have a problem. It is because of YOU. (not me)


Critic : We have a problem. Someone should solve it. (not me)


Cry Baby : We have a problem. It’s not fair. My life should be without problems.


Cynic: We have a problem. No one wants to solve it


Optimist: We have a problem. We can solve it.


Pessimist: We have a problem. No one can solve it.


Responsible: We have a problem. I would love to solve it.


Solutionist: We have a problem. Here’s how we can solve it.


Did you find who you are? Did it make you smile or frown? Surprised maybe?


If you have a few seconds, do let me know your thoughts.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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