I received shocking news a few minutes ago. A very good friend of mine Indigo committed suicide.


He was a gem.


He was young.


He was successful.


He loved to dance.


His dance stopped too early. Why?


He surrounded himself with people who did not truly care for him.


He surrounded himself with people who behaved like co-passengers in a train who do smile and share the savouries but stay unconnected.


He surrounded himself with celebrity crazy people who went insane screaming at every gesture of his, misguiding him into thinking he is a demigod.


He surrounded himself with people to feed his ego unmindful of what this will ultimately do to him.


Indigo surrounded himself with admirers, willing to wait long, for a few steps of dance with him. Their dance was not for him to enjoy but for themselves to feel like a celebrity.


He surrounded himself with people in the present with whom he lost his future in the past.


Someone else out there needs us as their dance partner to help them and guide them. Be there for them. Do not give up on them.


They may not know it yet, but the truth is that they are depending on you.


An Indigo is waiting to be saved by you.


To sum up, dance while you can. Dance as long as you can. And then, dance a little more and a little more.


Find a new source of energy. Feel refreshed, challenged, and stirred. Keep dancing. Keep Moving…May you never run out of dance partners.


For more than enough people, may you be the greatest dance partner, ever !!!


Never stop dancing, ever !!!


May I have your hands in a dance, please…


With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,



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