Here are some golden rules of NURTURING CONNECTIONS. I have consistently followed them and they have benefitted me immensely. Here are my sweet 16 for you.


1. Have a clear goal in mind. Whom do you want to meet and why?
2. Have some conversation starters.
3. Read up about them and their industry.
4. Know a few things to appreciate about them.
5. Stay genuine
6. They are the hero. You are not looking to create an impression. You are looking to create a connection.
7. When in doubt, candidly ask the relevant question.
8. If you want something, ask gently. It must be of benefit to them too. The benefit you wish to provide must be the benefit they are seeking.
9. Find a reason to ‘Follow up’.
10. Connect on LinkedIN and like / comment on their posts.
11. If you wish to contradict, use the word,
  • I am hearing you saying….am I right?
  • Is there a possibility
  • Would like your thoughts on…
12. Never ever be selfish. The law of reciprocity is more powerful than you imagine.
13. Never speak negative about ‘anything or anybody’.
14. Never speak for more than 30 seconds about yourself.
15. Offer referrals
16. Laugh a lot


Let me know what do you think of these. All the best. Let me know what has worked for YOU.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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