You have the makings of a champion when…


#1. You keep pushing yourself when everyone else is done.

Ordinary people do not push themselves. They prefer to stay in their comfort zone.

Unless you push yourself, how will you set new benchmarks?


#2. You wish to set standards and not just follow them

Ordinary people aspire to reach the standards set by others.

Winners wish to set new standards. They believe they are born to lead and not just follow.


#3. You know exactly who you are and what you want from life.

People who win in life know what they want from life. They also know their limitations.

They focus on what they want from life and they break their limitations through sheer effort and doggedness.


#4. You’re not intimidated by pressure…you thrive on it.

The way you respond to pressure defines your temperament.

The more pressure you can handle, the more are your chances of winning.


#5. When everyone is looking for the “In Case of Emergency” button, they are actually looking for you.

When things go wrong, ordinary people look for a scapegoat. They are desperate to find someone to blame.

Winners respond to emergencies with a monkish calm. Their presence diffuses the negativity in the situation.


#6. You don’t compete with anyone but yourself.

For a winner, there is ‘no point to be proven.’ They see themselves as a winner hence they are focussed on ‘improving’.

They do not compete with anyone but with themselves.


#7. You don’t recognise failure; you know there’s more than one way to get what you want.

Every winner knows they will stumble and fail. They also know there is more than one way to do things.

Hence, they keep experimenting till they find a way that works.


#8. You always want to be better. There is ALWAYS a next level.

Winners know that goals and dreams drive life. Hence, even if they are the best in what they do, they keep aiming for the next level.

That is what makes Usain Bolt the legend he is.


#9 Your preparations are second to NONE.

Winners know that there is only thing worse than a loss, it is ‘regret’.

There is only one way to ensure you do not carry a regret…that is through top-class preparation. That is what the winner does.


#10 With gratitude, you grab the opportunities that life offers you.

Winners know, sometimes, even the most talented ones do not get an opportunity. They also know life is not always fair.

Hence, they grab all opportunities that life offers to them, with grace and gratitude.


Living by these 10 mantras will ensure you emerge as a top-class winner.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,




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